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Medical image experts

MetaEmotion Healthcare is the division of MetaEmotion with the aim to develop solutions based in visualization, aided diagnostics and medical image integration in the health environment.

technologic environment

Our activity is focused on the medical image life cycle: obtaning, visualization and communication considering HL7 and DICOM as the main pillars to get extensible and interoperable health environments. We are experts on standards complianment, and they are key piece on our solutions.

We head pioneer projects on the health environment:

  • Ginkgo CADx: Our DICOM viewer, DICOMizer with CADx (computer aided diagnosis) capabilities.
  • HydraDICOM: Our DICOM integration solution, oriented to get flexible management storage and retrieve organization diagnostics studies.

We provide support and adaptation for the health environment key elements, based on Open Source solutions:

  • MirthConnect: Open Source HL7 integration engine.
  • DCM4CHEE: Open Source server for medical studies management and storage (PACS).

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